Monthly Archives: February 2011

Free Ice Skate at Key Arena

Tomorrow March 1st, Key Arena is hosting a “Free Ice Skate”, open to the public beginning at 3 pm.  Key Arena recently installed the ice for the Smucker’s Stars on Ice show that happened last week.  The event is part of the Seattle Center Productions efforts to increase the amount of free activities at the center.  The early morning will be reserved for school groups, and from 3:00 pm until 8:30 pm, anyone can skate.  The event is a good way to take advantage of fun winter activities in your neighborhood.   Full details on the event can be seen here.

John Hay Elementary Achieves Overall Excellence

The State Board of Education awarded John Hay Elementary the Overall Excellence Award for 2010 performance this month.  This is one of the Washington Achievement Awards, which recognizes and awards schools based on performances in a variety of subjects, extended graduation rates, and improvement rates, among others.  After a Seattle Public Schools report was released last November, a number of Seattle school’s were under scrutiny.  John Hay, however, received perfect scores.  It is no wonder that they have received such a prestigious award.  Congratulations to John Hay Elementary staff and students.

Lower Queen Anne: The Ruins

The Ruins RestaurantQueen Anne is home to some of Seattle’s greatest restaurants.  Perched on top of Queen overlooking Lake Union is of course the well-known Canlis. Nearly everyone in Seattle knows of Canlis whether from just driving by it a million times before crossing the Aurora bridge or from its fine reputation (Is Canlis Expensive?).  But a lesser known great Seattle restaurant sits just a block off the same avenue (Aurora) on lower Queen Anne: The Ruins.

The Ruins is lesser known by design.  On its website, it proudly states “Seattle’s Best Kept Secret.”  It stays that way because unlike most restaurants, The Ruins is a “social club” that requires membership.  And unlike most clubs, The Ruins is based almost solely around its restaurant.

Click the link to read more about The Ruins and the recent passing of its founder Mr. McDonnal.

Click link to read Yelp reviews of the restaurant.

Seattle City Light to Submit Report

The results of the city-wide streetlight inspection are to be submitted to the Energy, Technology and Civil Rights Committee in a report this Wednesday.  The inspection began in December after a Queen Anne dog was electrocuted, and throughout the testing, crews found problems with lights in Central District and West Seattle among others.  There were 56 total faulty poles or plates found emitting dangerous amounts of voltage, of the 37,000 in Seattle.  The report will be presented by Seattle City Light Superintendent Jorge Carrasco.