Monthly Archives: March 2012

Mixed Signals in January-February Queen Anne Sales

The first two months of 2012 showed fewer sales of residential and condominium units in Queen Anne than in Jan.-Feb. of 2011 according to the Northwest Multiple Listing Service.  Sixty-five units in 2011 as compared to 52 units in 2012.  However, the price per sq. ft. average raised substantially in 2012 for residential dwellings, to $268 from $198.

Condo per sq. ft. average was lower than in 2011, $257 from $340.  However, in the 2011 period 5 condos sold for over a million from $518-$733 per sq. ft., which sort of skewed the numbers.

I am confident future numbers are going to show an upward trend. The market is definitely improving based on a number of recent multiple offer situations in the residential market plus the fact that a lack of inventory is actually becoming an issue in Queen Anne.