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May – June Monthly Queen Anne Crime Recap

This last month was a bit scarier than normal – with the attempted child kidnappings happening all over the city, and one in particular right here on Queen Anne. Read on for the Queen Anne crime summaries from mid-May through now.

  • Vehicle Ramming and Shooting in Uptown: Just after midnight on May 25th, police responded to an emergency call about a shooting at the McDonald’s on 5th Avenue and Broad Street. According to their report, an SUV was backed into a parking spot in the lot, when a silver Chevy sedan pulled up in front and an individual from the SUV got out and then entered the sedan. The sedan began to pull away when the SUV rammed the car onto the sidewalk outside McDonald’s and appeared to leave. The sedan then began to leave when the SUV returned and rammed the smaller car again. Occupants from the sedan left the car when the SUV began backing up in an apparent attempt to run them over, at which point one of the sedan’s prior occupants began shooting at the SUV. More shots were fired before the SUV departed. SPD found the occupants of the sedan (including the alleged shooter and gun) a few blocks away, and saw a silver pistol inside the sedan. The driver of the SUV later reported that they had been robbed and shot at (they called 9-1-1 from West Seattle). A female passenger from the sedan was transported to Harborview for non-life threatening injuries sustained from the vehicle ramming, and several people were taken into custody. This remains an open investigation.
  • Man Attempts Tree-Demolition: Early in the morning of June 1st, SPD arrested a 30-year-old man who was snapping branches off of a Norway Maple tree on the south side of Denny Way near Denny Park. He was taken into custody for property destruction, which is estimated at $200 in damage.
  • Possible Attempted Kidnapping at Coe Elementary: We reported on this only a day or so after the incident, but the summary follows – A woman briefly left her 4-year-old son in her locked, parked vehicle while she walked her daughter to school at Coe Elementary on June 3rd at about 9 a.m. As she returned to her car, she noticed a Hispanic male briskly walking away from her car. Once she got inside, her son informed her that the man had tried all the doors as if trying to gain entrance to the car. The woman watched the man get into a bright red Pontiac Grand Am before driving away. She attempted to follow but lost him, and called police shortly thereafter. The suspect was not located, but is described as being a Hispanic man, aged between 25 and 32, about 5’9” or 5’10” tall, very thin, with a shaved head and light complexion. He was wearing a white T-shirt and jeans at the time of the incident.
  • Battery Street Tunnel Rollover Accident: At about 2:40 a.m. on June 13th, a single vehicle was reported as being rolled over in the northbound Battery Street Tunnel. According to the report, there were no injuries and the driver of the vehicle declined medical attention. The tunnel was closed for at least 30 minutes while the damage was cleared.

Stay safe, Queen Anne businesses and residents!

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Tuesday Morning Truck Fire on Queen Anne Deemed Intentional

The Queen Anne View blog posted on Tuesday morning about a fire in a truck at the corner of 5th Avenue West and West Raye Street – near Mt Pleasant Cemetery – on Queen Anne.

The blog reported the response from the Seattle Fire Department, which reported that, “At 7:26 a.m. the Fire Alarm Center received several 911 calls regarding a possible car fire in the cemetery. Engine 20 arrived to find a truck fire in the cemetery that extended into a tree. It took about 15 minutes for firefighters to knock down the fire. The cause of the fire is under investigation.”

According to the Seattle Fire Department incident report detail, the first fire engine (#20) arrived on the scene just minutes after the call, at 7:32 a.m. Some residents near the area reported to the Queen Anne View that the fire was in the cemetery.

On Wednesday, the blog received an update from the Seattle Fire Department, which reported that the cause of the fire was ‘incendiary’, and therefore the Ford F150 involved was set on fire on purpose. With the fire damage to the truck and the tree that the flames spread to, damages have been estimated at $3,600.

This fire remains an open investigation with the Seattle Fire Department.

Over the past three years, SFD has seen an annual decrease in their reports listing each year’s emergency fire responses (among other emergency response numbers) – the department saw 13,395 fire responses in 2010, down to 12,709 in 2011, and 12,651 last year. Hopefully the trend will continue.

For more Seattle Fire Department reports, statistics and information, visit this link. The city has records on response times in addition to emergency response totals by year and type of call.

Stay safe, Queen Anne!

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Queen Anne Restaurant Spotlight: Ten Mercer

This ‘New American’ eatery has been in the neighborhood for over 12 years, since the end of 2000. Lower Queen Anne wasn’t much of a destination for good places to eat, and if you weren’t headed to a Sonics game or a concert at Key Arena, you were just passing through.

“At the time, there was a gap in the area for finer dining,” says Brian Curry – a managing partner at Ten Mercer. McCaw Hall was being built, and the arts were beginning to migrate to the neighborhood. “It was like Seattle was committing to the neighborhood,” he said.

Now it features the Pacific Northwest Ballet and Seattle Opera, as well as Teatro Zinzanni and several fantastic Seattle restaurants.

Ten Mercer is what Curry calls a “Dinner House” – it’s a great place to have a nice dinner, and enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail. The restaurant is your neighborhood spot to dine, with an upscale atmosphere.

“We fought off the big screens and keep the place more conversational,” Curry said.

Atmosphere can’t be everything, and Ten Mercer certainly shows up when it comes to great food and drinks. The idea is to offer great menu items to enjoy – things you couldn’t really make at home. Their Oven-Roasted Penn Cove Mussels are a highlight from the appetizer menu, and the Grilled House-Smoked Pork Tenderloin is an entrée favorite.

The menu changes seasonally (every quarter) to keep up with what’s fresh and in-season, but some tasty items that don’t change are the Grilled Dungeness Crab Cakes and the New York Steak. They do local ingredients when they can, and the pantry is 90% organic and completely hormone-free.

While Brian Curry usually doesn’t order chicken when eating out (since everybody makes chicken at home), the Washington Chicken on Ten Mercer’s menu is “a good reason to have chicken when you eat out,” according to him.

Ten Mercer is proud of their wine program, which has about 100 bottles on their list and 15 available by the glass. About 30% of the wine list is comprised of Washington wines.

Speaking of wine, almost every Tuesday, Ten Mercer puts on a mini wine dinner, with three wines pairs with three small plates for $20/person. The little event runs from 6 – 7 p.m. at the bar. Space is limited to ten or twelve participants, so email the restaurant to make sure you’re on their mailing list so that you know when to RSVP. The next event is tonight (June 11th), and will feature, Don Weston from Vine Connections. He represents producers like Susana Balbo, BenMarco, La Posta and Tikal. The wines at this event will be available for retail purchase.

Dinner is served seven nights a week at this Queen Anne restaurant, from 4:30 p.m. to midnight. There’s also a late night Happy Hour from 10 p.m. to midnight with half-priced appetizers (including the mussels and the crab cakes!). Some days they will do an early happy hour from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. with $5 wines by the glass and four or five small plates, if nothing is happening nearby at the Seattle Center or McCaw Hall. The best way to know if the early happy hour is on is to call the restaurant at 206-691-3723.

There is private and sectional event space upstairs for your party or special occasion, as well. Contact the restaurant for more details.


Queen Anne News: Possible Attempted Kidnapping Near Coe Elementary School

Don’t leave your kids alone in the car – not even for a second and even if it’s locked. A possible attempted kidnapping occurred earlier this week near Coe Elementary School.

According to a report from the, on Monday, June 3rd, a woman left her 4-year-old son in her car as she walked her daughter moments away to Coe Elementary School in the Queen Anne neighborhood.

Upon her return, she saw a man quickly walking away from her car. When she got into her parked car, her son told her that the man had tried to get into the car by testing the locks on all of the doors.

Since she was still able to see the man, she watched as he got into a bright red Pontiac Grand Am and drove away. The woman followed the Pontiac, but lost him shortly thereafter. Then she called 9-1-1 20 minutes later.

When SPD officers arrived, they searched the area around Coe Elementary for the suspected kidnapper, without any luck locating him. They notified schools in the area of the man’s doings and description. Police are not certain whether the man was attempting to abduct the boy, or if he was targeting the vehicle for theft.

He is described as being Hispanic, between about 25 to 32 years old, and about 5’ 9” or 5’ 10”. He has light complexion, was very thin and had a shaved head. The man was wearing a white T-shirt and jeans.

If you have any information about this suspect, please call 9-1-1 immediately. This is only the latest in a series of attempted child abductions of boys between three and four years old in the last several days. Because of the frequency of attempts near Seattle this week, whether they are connected or not, Seattle Police are warning parents to be extra vigilant and keep their children in sight at all times.

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