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The Full Story of Last Week’s Chicken Watch

Last Tuesday, February 23rd, Seattle Reddit user Seahawks206 posted on the platform that they had found a chicken wandering on Queen Anne.

The redditor attempted to capture the chicken in an attempt to rescue it and search for the animal’s owner, but the chicken invoked evasive maneuvers. “That crazy son of a hen pulled a quick one on me. Evaded me by jumping on some dudes Buick and then leaping into a tree. He’s a cunning devil, I’ll give him that,” Seahawks206 posted in an update to the earlier post.

It stayed in a plum tree on Ward Street, between 6th and Aurora Avenue North. Signs went up and Seahawks206 continued to provide updates, even after the chicken stayed in the tree for three days running. Seahawks206 knocked on the doors of a couple of homes known to have chicken coops near the area, without luck.

The conversation on Reddit took a turn to a discussion about the correct terminology when referring to Highway 99/Aurora Avenue North and other examples, but eventually returned to the subject at hand: what to do about this chicken, affectionately named ‘Aurora’.

While some Redditors began posting recipes with chicken as the primary ingredient, the online community began to mobilize a rescue attempt on Friday night. Seahawks206 published an update on Saturday, summarizing the heroics of Redditors /u/imasinger, /u/herrerz, and others. The chicken was recovered, subdued, and delivered to a new home in Maple Valley.

Apparently, the incident harkens back to earlier days. “I’m in my 40s. There were free roaming chickens on Queen Anne when I was a paperboy in my youth,” Reddit user compbioguy said. “I remember lots of vietnamese immigrants collecting [chestnuts] on Bigelow and the feral chickens that would walk around. The people at the houses I would deliver to would say that they would lay eggs in their yards.” He referenced a 1985 Observer-Reporter article about the issue.

For now, the Chicken Watch 2016 and the Great Seattle Chicken Rescue of 2016 will live in the hearts and memories of the local Redditors and community members who followed and participated in this rare series of events.

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Let’s Revitalize Counterbalance Park

Counterbalance Park has been a largely underutilized public space since its completion in 2004, but it may soon experience a fresh new appeal. The Uptown Alliance, the neighborhood organization working to activate the space, is planning community activities and events to revitalize the park.

The Counterbalance Park is located on the corner of Queen Anne Avenue North and Roy Street, and features an open space of 12,000 square feet with seating areas. According to Seattle Parks and Recreation, the site is “a community gathering place, a place for art, activity, and enjoyment.” However, it is rarely used by more than a couple of people at a time, while the Uptown neighborhood has almost no other green spaces besides the Seattle Center.

The Uptown Alliance is hoping to plan regular events and activities in the park to revitalize the Counterbalance Park as a true center of the community. “I hope that we could have one space in our community [where] we all could get together and maybe put a name to a face,” said Matt Adkins, an Alliance member. “I feel that, at the park, we can get to know each other more and create a sense of a real close community… I think that will be a real asset as we go forward and grow as a neighborhood and as a city.”

Ideas for the park include movie nights and hosting food trucks on the site. Additional approval may be requested to add a p-patch, as another idea. “We’d like to make the park very agile in the events and activities it has there,” Adkins told the Queen Anne News. Although the Uptown Alliance hasn’t encountered pushback on the ideas for the park, they are hoping to engage more of the community in the planning process. They want to determine the most popular ideas in order to begin the submission process to apply for Neighborhood Matching Grants to fund them.

To submit your own ideas or learn more about this project, please email Matt Adkins at the Uptown Alliance.

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Book Your Valentine’s Day Dinner at Queen Anne Restaurants

Valentine’s Day is this coming Sunday, February 14th. Many Queen Anne restaurants are serving special menus to inspire romance throughout the whole weekend. Book your Valentine’s Day dinner before these spots are booked!

It should be no surprise that one of the most romantic foodie spots on Queen Anne, LloydMartin, is offering a special Valentine’s Day menu this weekend. The offering includes three courses plus an amuse to get the night started, at $80 per person. Foie gras is on the starter menu, with lobster risotto or prime rib or gnocchi on the entree menu, plus dessert.

Ponti Seafood Grill is offering a special menu for $65 per person, which includes a starter, soup or salad, entree and dessert. Notable dishes are Shigoku Oysters on the half shell, pan seared Hudson Valley foie gras, applewood smoked duck breast, and steamed Alaska King Crab legs.

As one of Ethan Stowell’s restaurants, Valentine’s dinner will be offered at How to Cook a Wolf. For $80 per person, couples can enjoy shared plates, followed by three additional single courses. Enjoy oysters, hamachi crudo, lobster ravioli, braised short ribs, and more.

The newer addition to restaurants on top of Queen Anne, Eden Hill, is serving their Valentine’s Day menu Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The dinner is five courses, with two additional amuses and house truffles as the mignardises. Valentine’s dinner at Eden Hill is $100 per person, and $60 for an additional optional wine pairing. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free accommodations are available.

Other Queen Anne restaurants will likely be serving a special Valentine’s Day menu for the weekend, but they haven’t yet announced any details, from what we can find. These include Betty Restaurant & Bar, Peso’s and Toulouse Petit Kitchen & Lounge, Bounty Kitchen and the brand new Grappa.

Where are you enjoying Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart?

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Queen Anne Restaurant News: Grappa is Now Open!

A few months ago, La Luna closed its doors for good in the spot on the northeast corner of Queen Anne Ave N and Boston Street. Soon after, signs appeared in the windows, advertising the new establishment that would replace the Mexican eatery in the space: Grappa.

Yesterday, this newest Queen Anne restaurant opened for its first dinner! Grappa has a focus on Mediterranean cuisine with Greek and Italian dishes, and as you may guess from the name, they have a nice selection of about a dozen variations of the Italian spirit, available by the glass.

According to the restaurant’s website, it’s “mission is simple: serve delicious, affordable food that guests will want to return to week after week”.

The owners are Aleks Tona and Yekta Levent, and both have a rich history as restaurateurs. Aleks told Eater Seattle that, “Everything will be homemade … Gnocchi, risotto, bolognese sauce, bread.” Classic Mediterranean fare such as Spanakopita, Sauteed Feta, Caprese, Puttanesca, Bolognese, Risotto, Lasagna, and Osso Bucco. Save room for dessert, too: Tiramisu and Baklava are the sweet selections.

Grappa will offer lunch, happy hour and dinner starting next week (it’s just dinner this week, while they get into the groove of things). The restaurant will be open daily at 11 a.m. and close at 10 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday, and 1 a.m. Thursday through Saturday. Happy Hour is twice each day, from 4 – 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. until close. Call 206-466-1027 for reservations.

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