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Be Drop DEAD Gorgeous at EMP’s ‘Fashionably Undead Prom’

Live out your High school dream and Halloween nightmare (or is that the other way around?) at EMP this month with yet another installment of their ever-popular Fashionably Undead Prom.

If anyone knows how to throw a killer bash, it would be the EMP, and the Fashionably Undead Prom is one of their most awaited events. This Halloween party/just really fun time comes with admission to the museum itself, including the just-in-time-for-Halloween exhibit “Can’t look away: The lure of the horror film”, perfect or a fun-filled fright night!

This years’ theme is “Under The Sea” which should lead to a fun, funky and ghastly good time!

From the website-

20,000 leagues under the sea a murderer lurks in the deep… is it a psycho killer? A teenage werewolf? An enormous, insatiable shark? Whoever it is, they have a thirst for greasers, mods, and freaks—and word on the street is they’re coming to prom!

Hold your date close to avoid a run-in with the mysterious killer as you jive, jitterbug, and twist the night away to a DJ dance party and enjoy live music by Prom Queen, playing sickly sweet pop tracks inspired by pinup girls and 1960s housewives.

Get a bouffant or pompadour from Bowie Salon and show it off at our prom photo booth. Munch on a slice of pizza from Wicked Pies or sneak drinks of spiked punch. Throughout the night, have fun roaming the museum with your pals as you try to solve the interactive yearbook game.

Plus, enter the costume contest for a chance to win killer prizes and to show off your deadly cool duds! You may just be voted Prom King or Queen.”

This years’ bash will be held on Saturday, Oct.22nd and is sure to be a hair-raising good time.

Costume ideas are boundless but, you can’t go wrong with Zombie Prom King or Queen, any teenaged dream (think James Dean, Suzy-Q, Cry Baby, Frankie and Annette…)  or even undead sea life at this aquatic themed bash (we’re thinking Zombie Mermaid or Poseidon, bloody trident and all!) A photo from last years' photo booth

With EMP as the host and location, this even is sure to have every base covered for a screaming good time, possibly even the party of the year.

Either way, we’re sure it will be to DIE for.


Date and Time
October 22, 2016

EMP Museum
325 5th Avenue N
Seattle WA, 98109

Ticket Info
$25 ($19 EMP members)

Get tickets here

21 and over only


City Council Reviews Proposed Plan to Allow Camping in Queen Anne Parks

The Seattle Department of Transportation and Seattle Parks and Recreation recently prepared two maps that outline areas throughout the city that could be suitable for use as camping sites for homeless individuals. This Friday, October 14th, the Seattle City Council is reviewing the maps in preparation to approve or deny a new ordinance that would allow camping in the city.

The maps include several sites on and around Queen Anne, including Kerry Park, Rodgers Park, and Bhy Kracke Park, as well as sidewalk locations such as the area at the base of the Galer Stairs at Galer and Queen Anne Avenue North.

The proposal opens up 167 miles of sidewalks and about 5,200 acres in parks and greenbelts for camping. It still has a 30-day eviction notice (versus the 72-hour law that is currently in place), but also outlines suitable and unsuitable sites for camping. As reported by King 5 News, “Examples of public space which may not be unsuitable for purposes of removal, depending on the circumstances, may include portions of greenbelts, portions of unimproved City lands, safe spaces under certain overpasses, bridges and structures, portions of surplus City property not currently subject to active use and those locations formally identified by the City of Seattle for use a temporary encampments.”

In a statement, Councilmember Tim Burgess (who also lives on Queen Anne) said, “This new law is not the balanced approach we all deserve, an approach that weighs and balances compassion with our public health and safety obligations. This proposed law is not balanced and will do absolutely nothing to move people from homelessness to safe and appropriate housing. Nothing.”

Just recently, a man was stabbed near Woodland Park when he tried to assist a woman who was being assaulted.

Councilmember Mike O’Brien supports the law. “What we have right now is a system that’s not working for anyone,” he said. “Right now, we have people that are outdoors, thousands of people, no shelter for them that works for them. While we’re building those shelters, while we’re building that housing, if we’re saying simply there is nowhere in our community for them to go to, we’re chasing them around, and we’re wasting money.”

The community has until Friday, October 14th to submit their comments. The Queen Anne View has a comprehensive list of contacts.
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Real Estate Report

The market didn’t slow down in the Queen Anne area as we came into the fall months, with 58 sales this past September compared to 36 last September. Though the highest priced home last year was at $4,243,000 and this year the highest priced home was about two million lower, the median cost for a home has gone up from $425,000 (9/15) to $629,500 (9/16). Last year homes were being listed (on average) for $691,407 and this September we are seeing homes listed (on average) for $805,780. There are currently 91 active listings and 76 pending.


Donate for the Annual Queen Anne Helpline Coat Drive

The cold season is here, and the homeless and in-need neighbors of our community can use your help to stay warm this fall and winter. The Queen Anne Helpline is holding their annual Coat Drive at the local branch of Umpqua Bank.

Stephanie Kastner, a Queen Anne resident, has been leading the coat drive for the past three years of its existence. Kastner and the Queen Anne Helpline hope to break last year’s record of more than 160 coats donated!

Bring your new and gently used coats to the collection bin at the Umpqua Bank branch in upper Queen Anne at 1630 Queen Anne Ave N throughout the month of October. Or, look for Kastner’s collection bin at the neighborhood farmers  market on October 6th and 13th from 3 – 7 p.m.