About Queen Anne

A view of the east side of Queen Anne Hill. Photo credit: dazzlingplaces.com

A view of the east side of Queen Anne Hill. Photo credit: dazzlingplaces.com

Queen Anne is a Seattle neighborhood know for its world-famous picturesque skyline views of the Space Needle set against downtown skyscrapers and magnificent Mount Rainier in the background. That famous vantage point can be found on Queen Anne Hill just north of Belltown and Downtown Seattle at Kerry Park, which is just west of Queen Anne Avenue on Highland Dr.

The neighborhood lies just south of Fremont and is bounded on the west by 15th Avenue and Elliott Avenue, beyond which is Magnolia. Queen Anne’s eastern boundary is Aurora Avenue – or SR 99 – which marks the beginnings of Westlake Ave N and the Lake Union neighborhood. The Queen Anne neighborhood is separated into two distinct communities, Upper Queen Anne and Uptown (also known as Lower Queen Anne and the Seattle Center areas).

Queen Anne Hill derives its name from the housing style that prevailed here in its early days. The construction design for the time was English Baroque. An iconic historical image for the neighborhood was the George Kinnear House, which was designed in the Queen Anne style and was historically located at 809 Queen Anne Ave. N.

The community is characterized by the famous Counterbalance, referring to the steep incline up Queen Anne Avenue on the south side of the hill. The name comes from the counterweights built under the street to help move electric streetcars up and down the hill.

Today, Queen Anne real estate combines the best in-city luxury houses and condos and the finest Seattle homes with views and rest in a quaint local ambiance. The commercial center of Queen Anne includes multitude of family-owned restaurants, boutiques, small businesses and other shops and service providers atop the hill – ideal for evening strolls and daytime shopping.