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From apartments, to condos, to beautiful homes in a variety of styles and sizes, Queen Anne has a very diverse offering of residences. In addition, there are several commercial and small office offerings to choose from, should you wish to make Queen Anne your place of business as well.

With its small, inter-urban and secluded community (because of the steep hill), the Queen Anne neighborhood is a tight-knit area and a must-visit Seattle destination.

The neighborhood is fantastic both for living in and commerce. It sees a steady (but not overpowering) trickle of tourist traffic from various Seattle tours and guests from the summer cruise lines which dock to the southwest in Interbay. In addition, the neighborhood is full of locals who patronize the classic and artistic restaurants, bars, and dining spots along Queen Anne Avenue and the neighborhood’s other streets.

Welcome to Queen Anne! Whether you’re here for a visit or you’re looking to relocate to the neighborhood, we look forward to getting to know you!

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