Apartments, Parking Included in Upper Queen Anne Safeway Redevelopment

With all of the new construction and redevelopment going on around the city, it’s unique when an existing business opts to redevelop their existing property. That’s just what Albertson’s is doing with the 25,000 square foot Safeway store on upper Queen Anne…

In the fall of 2018, the grocery giant has plans to start construction on redeveloping the store at 2100 Queen Anne Ave N. They will be expanding the store’s footprint to 50,000 square feet, in addition to constructing four additional stories of residential units, and underground parking. It’s not yet clear how many residential units there will be.

“Since 1962 the store has undergone several significant remodels that were limited to our current space constraints,” Safeway Seattle Division President Karl Schroeder said. “We are now committed to pursuing a redevelopment plan well-suited to both our neighbors and the location.”

The Queen Anne News reported that the design for the project will “focus on neighborhood integration, and enhancing the street-level character,” and that the expanded store will offer “more premium elements tailored to the Northwest.”

The entitlement process will be started this summer, and construction is anticipated to begin Fall 2018. The architect on the project is Ankrom Moisan, and local firm Holland Partner Group is the developer.

Featured photo shows the project site plans, source: The Queen Anne News.

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