Big Box Retail to Interbay?

Speaking last night to the Queen Anne Community Council Land Use Review Committee was Kent Angier, a prominent developer whose company owns the 7 plus acre parcel in Interbay known as 1600 W. Armory Way.  This land was most recently under consideration as a county jail facility and has been a topic of conversation for many years.  Mr. Angier described the difficulties he has endured since purchasing the property in 2006 to try to develop the land.  He is currently seeking to have the land changed to commercial zoning, a two-step process that could take another 2-3 years if approved at every level.  He stated when he first purchased the property he had contacts with many of the traditional big box retailers who expressed interest in the site.   He stated given the uncertain nature of the zoning/land use that he is uncertain what will actually end up happening at the property.  But a large scale retail complex or “Mini U-Village” is what was originally contemplated when the property was purchased. He stated that there was also a verbal understanding when the property was purchased that housing would  not be part of the development.  Stay tuned.

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