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Would-Be Queen Anne Robber Left Trail of Clues for SPD

The news about the teenaged would-be robber on Queen Anne has been circulating the neighborhood for the past two weeks since the incident. Last week, the 17-year-old was charged as an adult with attempted first-degree robbery and first-degree assault.

On January 2nd around 1:30 a.m., 17-year-old Henry Hicks allegedly walked into the 7-Eleven at 1607 Queen Anne Ave N. He was masked to conceal his identity. According to reports, he pulled a gun and demanded that the store clerk fill Hicks’ backpack with cash. The clerk didn’t comply because he didn’t believe the weapon was real, and responded by throwing a plastic milk crate at Hicks, hitting his right hip. Hicks allegedly fired the gun and only just missed the clerk’s head before fleeing without any money.

Police responded with a K-9 team that discovered a mountain bike left behind in the alley behind the store, but the trail ran cold after a few blocks of searching.

Then, on January 3rd Hicks’ mother reported a burglary at their home, which is less than one mile from the convenience store. She told an officer that her son had found the gun cabinet in the basement open, and a revolver was missing. Since SPD found no signs of forced entry and no other missing items (including several other guns left in the cabinet), something seemed fishy. Hicks told the responding officer that he found the cabinet open after returning from a walk, which, according to charging papers suggested he had really gone to look for the gun he had dropped while fleeing from the 7-Eleven.

The responding officer to the home burglary talked with other officers who responded to the 7-Eleven incident, and a detective noted that Hicks’ description was similar to that of the would-be 7-Eleven robber. When SPD returned to Hicks’ home to question him, more details came out and eventually they served a search warrant which turned up the bike, clothing, shoes and backpack that matched surveillance at the 7-Eleven. A black .22 caliber Smith & Wesson revolver also matching the surveillance was later found in a front yard near the store, which happened to be registered to Hicks’ father.

Hicks was arrested and last week charged for these crimes.

Fatal Shooting in Lower Queen Anne Over the Weekend

Early Saturday morning, at about 3 a.m., Seattle Police received multiple reports of shots fired at the Shell gas station on the corner of Denny Way and Queen Anne Ave N. They arrived on the scene to find one man (22 years old) dead, and two others severely injured with gunshot wounds.

Seattle Fire transported the two injured men to Harborview Medical Center for emergency treatment of their life-threatening injuries.

After canvassing the scene for evidence, detectives from the SPD’s departments of Homicide and CSI determined that a parked car was the setting of the shooting. All suspects and victims have been accounted for.

This remains an open investigation into possible connections to being a result of a drub robbery. If you have any additional information for police, please call the SPD Homicide Tip Line: (206) 233-5000.

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March – April Monthly Queen Anne Crime Recap

It’s been a bit of a crazy month in the neighborhood, with several more intense crimes committed in recent weeks. Over the past month, Queen Anne crime instances have included armed robbery, vehicle theft, and attempted pet-napping. Read on for more details…

  • Armed Robbery in Kerry Park: Seattle’s premier view spot and tourist destination, Kerry Park, was the scene of an armed robbery in the early hours of Monday, March 30th. At about 2 a.m., two women and a man were near the park when two men wearing handkerchiefs over their faces approached them, armed with handguns. The suspects demanded their wallets and also took one of the victim’s cell phones before ordering them to run. The suspects allegedly fired a shot into the air and ran to a silver Honda. After the incident, SPD stopped a silver Honda nearby, but the robbery victims were unable to identify the driver and passengers as their assailants. SPD released the possible suspects after detaining and identifying them, but confiscated the car for investigation of evidence.
  • Motorcycle Theft Ends in Crash & Arrest: At around midnight on Monday morning, April 6th, a male suspect allegedly stole a motorcycle and rode it southbound on Aurora Avenue North. He was pursued by Seattle Police, and crashed the bike near Raye Street along Aurora Ave N. The suspect ran from the scene, but was soon caught and arrested by SPD on Dexter Avenue, nearby.
  • Attempted Dog-Napping Stopped: A woman reported an attempted dog-napping on Queen Anne on April 16th, when she saw a man unhooking her dog from the stop sign outside of Homegrown. The woman immediately went out and confronted the man, who claimed to be merely untangling the dog. He then dropped the leash and jumped into a U-Haul truck, which was idling nearby with a driver waiting. The suspect is described as a large white male in his 30s, approximately 6’5” and around 220 lbs. His head was shaved, and he had a goatee. The man was wearing a black T-shirt and basketball shorts, and may have an ear piercing.

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January – February Monthly Queen Anne Crime Recap

Our neighborhood is generally one of the safest in the city, but we do have our share of criminal activity. In the past month, we’ve seen a few concerning signs that Queen Anne crime may need some more focus in management, particularly with repeat offenses.

  • SPD Searches for Prolific Burglaries. Early last month, SPD reached out to the community for help locating a prolific burglar in the Queen Anne and Magnolia neighborhoods. A 24-year-old man, Joshua Meadow-Mittenen has been connected to a Magnolia home break-in over New Year’s Eve, as well as several other burglaries throughout North Seattle and Queen Anne in recent weeks. SPD attempted to arrest him outside Northgate Mall on January 7th at about 1 p.m. After he sped away and eluded them, SPD spread the news on their search. If you have any information about Meadow-Mittenen, please call SPD at 206-786-2746 or call 9-1-1.
  • Medical Marijuana Dispensary Repeatedly Burglarized. We reported a few weeks ago on the repeated break-ins at Green Anne, a medical marijuana dispensary on West Republican Street in lower Queen Anne. In the past month, there have been two incidents of burglary, where the suspects brazenly broke in despite blaring alarms and stole thousands of dollars worth of pot.
  • Four Injured in Construction Accident. Four construction workers were harmed in an accident on February 12th at about 1:30 p.m. The wall inside an elevator shaft on a lower Queen Anne construction site broke, dropping the workers inside the elevator about 25 feet down a hole. Three were able to crawl out without assistance, but one worker was stuck in the hole with a fractured arm. Seattle Fire Department officers hiked a half-mile to reach the victim, who was stranded inside the pit at the north end of the tunnel construction site at SR-99. They had to carry the man by hand to the top of the tunnel ramp, before they were able to transport him to Harborview Medical Center for treatment. As of that evening, the 23-year-old man was in serious, but stable condition in the ICU. The other three workers were treated for minor injuries such as scrapes, bruises and neck/back pain.
  • Burglars Target Upper Queen Anne Apartment Building. A couple of days after Christmas last year, a woman broke into an apartment building on the corner of Queen Anne Avenue and West Highland Drive. She stole a package and attempted to break into a closet before leaving, as surveillance footage showed. It seemed like an isolated event until Sunday, February 15th. In the second incident, surveillance video shows a man walking into the building, breaking into a storage closet, stealing tools, going through a resident’s laundry, and using someone’s towel on his face before leaving. Based on marks and damage to the external door, it is suspected that he pried open the door to gain access to the building. What is strange is that these two incidents in the space of less than two months are the first that anyone can remember at this building in more than 20 years. With such a believed security in the upper Queen Anne neighborhood, the burglaries have concerned the building’s management as well as neighbors.

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