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Queen Anne's Farmer's Market. Photo credit: The Queen Anne View.

Queen Anne’s Farmer’s Market. Photo credit: The Queen Anne View.

Queen Anne is a fantastic neighborhood for kids, families, singles and couples. There’s just enough of a mixture of restaurants and bars, shopping, and service locations to fill a diverse variety of needs, making it a great neighborhood for just about anyone.

The schools and library in the neighborhood enhance its appeal for families and individuals looking for learning opportunities, while Queen Anne’s parks (particularly the Kerry Park viewpoint) are destinations for neighbors, visitors, tourists, and more.

Being that the area is somewhat set apart from the busyness and 24-hour bustle of Downtown, as well as being separated from the crazy nightlife in Belltown, Queen Anne is a relatively quiet neighborhood with very low crime rates.

The Queen Anne Chamber of Commerce is active within the community, its businesses, and other chambers around the city, so expect to see regular events and news coming from that group, the Queen Anne Community Council and their affiliates.

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