Family Pet Dies After Electrocution

The news first broke of a tragic electrocution in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood this past Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) on the blog,  A resident reported that she and her daughter were taking their dog, Sammy, for a walk on Queen Anne Avenue when they moved over to let another dog pass.  As they did, Sammy stepped onto an electrical plate located at the base of a light post and immediately started convulsing as a result of electrocution.  After multiple unsuccessful CPR attempts, Sammy unfortunately passed away. The woman released a letter to the blog site to warn the community of the dangers of these electrical plates in hopes to protect any future tragedies that could occur to other pets or humans.  They suspected that either leaking electricity or faulty wiring caused the accident.  Police and Seattle City Light shut down the power on the street soon after it had happened.  Today, Seattle City Light’s Superintendent Jorge Carrasco released an open letter to the community.  The letter revealed that when the lights were installed in 2006, they did not have proper grounding, ultimately resulting in the electrocution.  The lights have since been repaired and tested for electrical charges.  Neighbors and community members alike have sent the family their condolences, and comments on the story include hostility towards Seattle City Light, commenting on why the defaults have gone undetected.  We hope this event has caused Seattle City Light to take more precautions and conduct regular tests, and that it informs Seattleites to be aware of the possible dangers that reside among our city.  Monday, another incident concerning light poles occured in West Seattle.  Read about it here.

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