Joint Effort to Develop a New Memorial Stadium and High School

The City of Seattle has signed a letter of collaboration with Seattle Public Schools (SPS) to construct a new Memorial Stadium in its present location within the Seattle Center, as well as developing a new high school nearby.

The focus of the collaborative project will be to meet SPS’ needs for a new high school, new Memorial Stadium to support the school, and maintained or increased parking. The City and SPS will work together on site planning, design features for continued shared uses, maintenance of public access and activation, technology, construction activities, mobility planning for transportation, parking, public engagement, and more.

SPS currently owns two parcels of land within Seattle Center, and while the stadium will remain in its present location, the high school could be located at an alternative site. However, the new school will most likely remain in the Queen Anne/Uptown neighborhood, which will relieve a lot of pressure from Ballard High School and Garfield High School, where local high schoolers currently attend.

According to the letter, “We are pleased that our teams will be working together in this arrangement and look forward to achieving the full potential and extraordinary outcomes for our respective projects.”

A current map of the Seattle Center:

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