Missing Baby Found in Lower Queen Anne

A 10-month-old baby girl was reported missing from where she was last seen in Downtown Seattle last Friday, May 5th. She was found about 12 hours later, safe and unharmed.

According to the SeattlePI.com’s report, witnesses “recognized the baby as someone who had been downtown with her mother, who was sleeping on the streets.”

“Looks like the baby I saw last night, just like it,” said Jenna Quinn, a witness who told reporters she had been in the Westlake area. “(The mother) passed out right beside me.  I covered her up. I don’t think she was that high. I think she was tired.”

Along with a picture of the baby girl, Charlette Childress-Imburgia, police released a note that she was last seen being pushed in her stroller by a woman dressed in pink clothing with a man in black clothing. The group was last seen recorded on surveillance camera near Fifth Avenue and Pine Street at about 2:45 a.m. on Friday.

The child was found about 12 hours later on Friday afternoon near McCaw Hall in lower Queen Anne. Her discovery came after police received a 911 report that a woman was seen pushing a yellow and black stroller resembling the one that Charlette was last seen in. According to police reports, the woman she was found with is known to the baby’s mother.

Investigators are working with Charlette’s mother and the woman she was found with to determine what happened. They also reported the incident to Child Protective Services.

Featured photo source: KomoNews.com

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