New Efficiency Apartment Building Planned for Aurora Ave N

The City of Seattle continues to track the energy performance of our public and private-sector buildings with benchmarking to guide efforts to manage and reduce energy use city wide. In a statement last year, Mayor Ed Murray said, “We have learned that saving energy requires ongoing oversight and dedicated effort. The city will continue to invest in the energy efficiency of our facilities.”

As part of the city’s plan to construct more energy efficient buildings, a new six-story efficiency apartment building is planned for Aurora Ave N. The project is planned for the lot next to the Aloha Inn, at 1945 Aurora Ave N.

The six stories will contain 37 residences that the city has termed as “small efficiency dwelling units”, plus underground parking to accommodate 17 vehicles.

Many multi-story efficiency buildings further south in Uptown don’t have parking because it isn’t required based on Seattle Municipal Code 23.54.015. This new apartment building will have underground parking, since it falls in an area that does require underground parking for new construction.

Featured photo source:, rendering depicting an aerial view of the block with the proposed new building in the upper right.

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