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Summer Queen Anne Sales Well Ahead of 2011

The months of June, July and August were much kinder to real estate buyers and sellers than the same time in 2011.  According to the NWMLS,  whopping 188 units were sold compared to just 130 in the same time period in 2011.  Residential units sold for an average of $293.87 a sq. ft. compared to $268.54 in 2011.  Also encouraging is the average days on market for Summer 2012 was 61 compared to 80 in 2011.

Condominiums likewise saw improved actvity.  96 condos were sold in Queen Anne in the Summer of 2012 compared to 60 in 2011. The average price per sq. ft. was 309.95 in 2012 compared to 291.70 n 2011.  Finally, days on market were also down in 2012 to 53 compared to 140.

The question now is whether the momentum is sustainable for the Fall season as inventories are dwindling in the neighborhood.