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Woman Runs Over Husband with Car in Queen Anne

CarA couple decided to leave an office holiday party just after 11:00pm Saturday night after they began arguing. They continued to argue when they got to their car which was parked in a parking lot near the 2000 block of 15th Ave W. The husband decided to get out of the car and walk. He noticed his wife maneuvering their black Mitsubishi Galant towards him and took shelter behind a small tree. The wife proceeded to run over the tree and her husband before speeding off down the road. A state trooper stopped her about two blocks away for reckless driving. Seattle police responded to the trooper’s call and arrested the woman. The 34-year old victim was taken to Harborview Medical Center with injuries to his face, wrist and leg none of which were life threatening. The 24-year old suspect was booked into the King County Jail for felony domestic violence assault.

Man Fined for Selling Marijuana Laced Rice Crispy Treats

treatsWhile bike-police patrolled the streets during Hempfest, making sure vendors had all the correct permits, they noticed a man sitting in a chair near Elliott Avenue and Bay Street selling rice crispy treats for $3 each. When asked if they contained marijuana the man admitted that they had just a little in them. He did not have a permit to sell and was issued a $513 fine for unlicensed vending. The police confiscated and destroyed his remaining 94 rice crispy squares which smelled strongly of weed.

March-April Monthly Queen Anne Crime Recap

This is our first monthly Queen Anne crime recap, where we’ll be summarizing the criminal events of the last month or so. The intent is to keep our neighbors, business owners, and residents safe and knowledgeable about what’s happening in our community.

One more major thing of note for this month is that the Seattle Police Department has published their Quarterly Report online. Click here to read more.

The following are Queen Anne crime events that occurred between early March and mid-April in or very near to Queen Anne:

  • Burglary Botched: SPD officers responded to a 911 call at about 4:45 a.m. on March 12th. A woman sleeping in her apartment on the 1300 block of 2nd Avenue W woke to noise coming from her living room. When she went to investigate, she found an unknown man in the room. The victim pushed him out the front door and called 911. Officers who arrived on the scene did not initially find the suspect, however they remained on the scene and soon (just after 6 a.m.) received a call about a suspicious prowler nearby – on the 1400 block of 1st Avenue N. They found the suspect on a third floor balcony and arrested him without incident. Victims visited the scene and positively identified him.
  • Fireworks, Not Guns: SPD’s 911 call center was deluged at about 3:30 a.m. on March 19th with calls about what residents thought was gunshots in the Uptown area of Queen Anne, on the 400 block of W Republican Street. Officers who arrived on the scene determined that the suspects – witnesses had varying accounts of a man shooting a gun, a woman crying, and people running – had fled to a nearby apartment building. They contacted the suspects, who seemed drunk and smelled of marijuana. The woman explained that she and the male suspect had been outside shooting Roman Candles at each other – debris from the fireworks were later recovered from the street. SPD documented what had happened and requested Reckless Endangerment charges for the two suspects.
  • Train/Pedestrian Collision Results in Tragedy: SPD responded to a 911 call just after 5 a.m. on March 28th, which reported a train/pedestrian collision. According to the report, the train operator stopped when he felt the train strike something. A man was found underneath the train on the tracks near Elliott Avenue W and W Lee Street. The man was transported to Harborview, where he died as a result of his injuries, which were initially reported to be non-life-threatening. This remains an active investigation by the Traffic Collision Investigation Squad.
  • Two Alarm Fire Destroys 3 Homes: A house fire on the 700 block of Warren Avenue N on April 1st destroyed three homes, resulted in multiple nearby street closures, and seems to be an incendiary incident. No one was hurt in the fire, however damage to the homes is estimated at $560,000, with $55,000 estimated in damage to the homes’ contents, according to the King 5 report.
  • Human Remains Found: Seattle Parks workers discovered what appeared to be human bones while clearing blackberry bushes from the steep hillside on the east side of Queen Anne on April 11th, just before noon. They immediately called 911. Homicide and CSI units that responded to the scene investigated and determined that the remains had been there a long time. The King County Medical Examiner present took custody of the remains, and the KCME office with Homicide and CSI will continue to investigate.

Please stay safe, Queen Anne!

Featured photo from King5.com.