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Queen Anne Real Estate Report – May 2017

The Queen Anne real estate market has showed great strength last month. There were 88 sales, both single-family homes and condominiums. Though the numbers are up in the area, prices are down for single-family residences. The median sales price has dropped from $1,158,800 (May 2016) to $965,000 (May 2017), the lowest also made a tremendous drop from $ 715,000 to $320,000. There are currently 30 active single-family homes in Queen Anne with a median sales price of $1,237,500, the lowest at $220,000, and the highest at $7,500,000.

Condo sales in the Queen Anne neighborhood are heating up along with the summer heat. There were 52 condos sold last month, 11 more than last May. The median sold price has gone up from $361,450 (May 2016) to $500,000 (May 2017). The listing price has jumped from $399,974 to $455,805. The average cumulative days on market has dropped from 36 days to just 12 days! There are currently 21 condo listings active and 32 pending.

For more information on Queen Anne (and Seattle) real estate, or if you are curious about what your house might be worth in this strong market, please contact your local real estate broker for a free market analysis and conversation about your home.


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Queen Anne's highest condo listed is Ewing and Clark's $3,985,000 home on W Highland Drive.
 The home features a gorgeous paneled library, marble bathrooms, and Pecan millwork.
 Sweeping views from the Cascades to the Olympics, plus center vista of Mount Rainier, the
 Space Needle, and the Seattle skyline.

More of the Same for June Queen Anne Home Sales

The amount of single family home sales in Queen Anne were exactly the same as in June of 2012 according to the NWMLS.  The difference being the homes sold faster and for a higher price as inventory continues to lag behind demand.  27 homes sold in June of 2013 in Queen Anne.  The median price was $720,000 and avg. price per sq. ft. was $317.  Compare that with a medan sale price in June, 2012 of $660,000 and an avg. per sq. ft. of $288. Likewise the avg. days on market in 2013 was 28 compared to 82 in 2012.  13 of the 27 2013 sales happened in 10 days or less and 18 of the 27 sold in 20 days or less. In 2012 16 of the 27 sold in 10 days or less and 19 of the 27 sold in 20 days or less.

Condo sales were much more brisk in June, 2013 compared to a year earlier, with 37 sales in 2013 as compared to 26 in 2012.  Median price in 2013 was $325,000 compared to $247,500 and avg. price per sq. ft was $$360 compared to $317.  Average days on market in 2013 was 47 compared to 57 days in 2012.

July will be interesting to see if there is any sign of a slow-down.


May Queen Anne Home Sales-Rising Values, Quick Sales, Low Inventory

Sensing a theme here?  Due to lower inventory the number of Queen Anne single family home sales in the month of May, 2013 (33) was lower than in May 2012 (41) but the price per sq. ft. was sgnificantly higher in 2013 ($325 to $290 in May 2012).  The proportion of quick sales also remained higher as 24 of the 33 May 2013  sales were less than 20 days and 20 of the 33 10 days or less as compared to 19 of the 41 in May 2012 being sold in 20 days or less and 13 of the 41 in 10 days or less.

Volume of condo sales remained higher in 2013 (35 compared to 26 sales in May, 2012) as did the price per sq. ft.  ($342 in 2013 to $320 in 2012).  Average days on market in 2013 was 41 compare to 88 in may, 2012.

All the above is according to the NWMLS.

Featured photo from ActiveRain.com.

April Queen Anne Home Sales Show Rising Values, Shrinking Inventory

According to the NWMLS, 26 single family homes sold in Queen Anne for the month of April, 2013.  Of these 26 homes 21 sold in less than 20 days and 19 sold in less than 10 days.  The usual practice has been to place a property on the market and then have the seller “review offers on” a particular date, typically a week or so after the property was first placed on the market.  So it is increasingly rare to see a property sell in 1-5 days.  The average price per sq. ft. was $332 which reflects an increase of 7.5% over the $310 price per sq. ft. in April, 2012.   39 single family homes sold in April, 2012.  24 homes were sold in 20 days or less and 18 in a week or less.  Again, there was simply more inventory in 2012, thus an additional 50% in sales volume.

42 Condos sold in Queen Anne in April 2013 compared to 29 in April 2012.  Price per sq. ft. in 2013 was $365 compared to $282 in 2012.   Again the condo units sold quicker in 2013 with 30 out of 42 selling within 20 days and 26 of those selling within a week.  compare that with 11 of 29 selling in 20 days or less in 2012 and only 6 of 29 selling in a week or less. Inventory is not nearly as big an issue in the Queen Anne condo market compared to the single family market.

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