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Metro Bus Riders Have Big Changes But #2 Spared

Metro BusI have written several blogs on the proposed changes to the #2 Metro Route between Queen Anne and Madrona, but it always good to see the Seattle Times confirm that the #2 Route has been spared any major changes.  Read the article if you want to find out about the changes to Metro bus routes, and if you do, take special note of the last several paragraphs.  While the #2 Metro Route is still intact from Madrona to Queen Anne, as the Seattle Times suggests, there is always danger for future changes:

A more visible case was Route 2, an electric trolley bus from Queen Anne Hill to First Hill. Metro wanted to break it into two lines — and shift a section one block from Seneca to Madison Street — to create a frequent super-corridor where the 2 and Route 12 constantly run along Madison. But the change would have forced Queen Anne users to switch buses on Third Avenue.

“Every time a senior has to get on a bus, get off a bus, it’s dangerous for them, especially in inclement weather,” said Uptown resident Jane Couchman, 75, who rides the 2 to medical appointments.

Last week, she thanked Metro leaders for keeping the line intact, at least for now.

Fire Causes $150,000 in Damage to Queen Anne Home

Thursday morning a house at 500 W. Republican St. on Lower Queen Anne suffered $150,000 in damage from a fire that started in the brush behind the home.  The fire department believes the blaze was caused by smoking materials left on the deck.  Firefighters received the call around 6:15 am and had it under control nearly an hour later.  Luckily, the two renters who occupy the home were not in the house when the fire started.  Please see the Seattle Times article for more information.