Thieves Repeatedly Target Queen Anne Medical Marijuana Dispensary

In the space of one month, thieves have twice burglarized the Green Anne medical marijuana dispensary. In both cases, these robbers brazenly break in and steal hundreds of dollars worth of medical marijuana.

Luckily, the most recent burglary resulted in security footage that may help police apprehend one of the suspects.

The cameras show three men make a run at the door of the dispensary, bang at the door five times, and then break inside. Although one of the men wore a ski mask, the other two had uncovered faces that were visible to the surveillance cameras.

After gaining access to the building, they proceeded to break into the back room, where the dispensary normally keeps the marijuana buds during business hours. Luckily, the buds are locked in a safe after hours and were not disturbed by the burglars. The thieves did pilfer a plant and two glass pipes. They seem to have been scared off after that by the loud alarms.

However, this is the second burglary in a month and the third in a year. The last time, three hooded burglars made off with $6,000 worth of marijuana – despite the loud alarms, which seemed to have little to no effect in scaring them off.

This is concerning to the dispensary manager, Eddie Beaumont. “It makes people feel unsafe and it makes unregulated industry feel sketchy, which is unfortunate because this is a legitimate business,” he told Komo News. “We’re here to help people.”

Watch the Komo News report here:

Green Anne is located on West Republican Street in Lower Queen Anne, where criminal activity is a bit more frequent than on the top of the hill (which is primarily known for car prowls more than anything else). But the repeated break-ins at this one facility are certainly concerning.

Please contact police if you recognize the suspect(s) or know anything about them or this crime.

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