Uptown Residents Concerned Over Increased Zoning Heights

The City Council most recently hosted a public meeting to discuss the re-zoning of Uptown/Lower Queen Anne on September 11th, and now they are preparing to make zoning changes. Although preliminary approval has been granted, residents are concerned about a significant loss of natural light for homes and residential buildings in the rezone area.

In some parts of Uptown and Lower Queen Anne, the rezone allows for double the limit of current building heights. Currently, the limit on buildings around the Seattle Center is 40 feet, but that could more than double to 85 feet for new construction in some areas.

While some groups are strongly in favor of the plan, since it will create a greater opportunity for the additional low income housing that the city desperately needs, others are concerned about the negative effects.

CEO of the nearby Bayview Nursing Home, Mary Cordts, is worried about a loss of daylight for members of the retirement community. “The residents will not have sun in the winter. Please honor, not abandon, those nursing home residents and do not allow an 85 foot rezone,” she said in the review meeting. She followed up by mentioning that a 65 foot limit would be more acceptable.

The final vote on the rezoning will take place early this month, and Seattle City Councilmember Mike O’Brien said they would discuss the daylight issue prior to that vote.

Featured photo source: Seattle.gov

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